Shhh We’re Reading Dirty Books

62 - Found in Amber by Esther Rabbit

July 15, 2020

This book finishes up the story that began in Lost in Amber which we read last year.  The first part was so new and interesting we couldn’t wait to see what Ester did in the second part.  The stakes from the first book are raised, now it is not just Earth that is in danger but many planets around the universe.  The blooming relationship between Zoey and Jasper continues in book two, we even get a beautiful and gentle love scene. Zoey’s character continues to grow and learn as she reexamines her past relationship with James and her new relationship with Jasper.  Once again, Esther crafts beautiful and complex characters that have wonderfully real feeling relationships.  We were so excited to spend more time in this world and this book delivered.

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Music by Jim Townsend

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