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64 - How to Date Your Dragon by Molly Harper

August 12, 2020

WE WANT TO LIVE IN MYSTIC BAYOU!  This book was so much fun to read, we can’t praise it enough.  We love the small town, magical community Molly creates for Bael to protect and Jillian to explore.  The feeling is very much like Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls but with a Supernatural twist! Jillian is coming off a long but abusive relationship and not ready to get into anything serious.  But life has other things in mind.  While not the focus of the book, the abuse and damage done by Jillian’s ex is very evident in her person and how she approaches new men in her life.  It's an important story of the lasting impact gaslighting and mental abuse have on people.  Luckily, Jillian meets and falls for a totally new kinda guy in Bael.  Get ready for fun sexy times in all kinds of unique places!  

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Music by Jim Townsend

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