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73 - Deal with her Dragon by Ruby Sirois

December 16, 2020

Emilie has moved past her painful marriage and is throwing everything she has into her business.  When that business starts to fail she takes drastic measures and calls upon a dragon, Ragnarr, to help save it.  Ragnarr has spent centuries nursing his hatred for witches but when Emilie calls upon him things start to change.  They both feel a strong attraction but can they work through their past baggage to make it work?  This book was so sexy and hot we couldn’t put it down.  The intimate scenes between Emilie and Ragnarr were so thoughtfully and beautifully written.  This book delivers all the sexy squishees and we loved it.  It had everything, romance, sex, action, a hilarious familiar, and an awesome witch/woman run meadery.  We would love to visit this world and get to know both the witches and dragons, even the uncircumcised ones.

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Music by Jim Townsend

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