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86 - Fire Me Up by Katie MacAlister

June 16, 2021

Aisling Grey is back and she is trying to find a Guardian mentor in Budapest without the help or interference of Drake, her Wyvern Mate.  Things rapidly start getting complicated as she finds Drake and all the Dragon Wyverns in town for a peace conference and staying at her same hotel.  Despite all her protests to the contrary, Aisling ends up striking a deal with Drake to commit to him if he lets her pursue her calling as a Guardian.  A whole cast of characters show up, including dozens of incubi, ghosts, and a professional virgin.  And many of our favorites from the first book return.  Just like the first one, the sex is mind-blowing.  The main trouble being, we don’t really know Drake or his personality, and neither does Aisling.  Aside from how sexy he is I can’t think of a good reason Aisling would be in love with Drake.  The book is an action-packed, wild ride but we are left in the same conundrum at the end: Aisling has walked away from Drake a second time, how can their relationship survive?

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Music by Jim Townsend

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