Shhh We’re Reading Dirty Books

90 - Vengeance Denied by Zoey Indiana

August 11, 2021

We return to the world of Bash and Freya after Freya has successfully brought down the sovereign and publicized the information about the aliens to everyone.  Unfortunately, this results in backlash when the aliens show up, kidnap all the humans, and return to their world with plans of forced procreation or slave labor.  As per usual with Freya and Bash, chaos ensues as different forces try to keep them apart.  Their relationship is tested over and over again but they hold true to each other.  This book is so action packed there isn’t much time for romance and sexy scenes.  Don’t worry, the few we get are quite intense and steamy!  While the book denies us the clean and easy ending we might want, there is more to come in this world and maybe a life without vengeance for Bash and Freya.

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